The Photo Storytelling Workshop

I have spent years creating story-driven images for clients across the globe including Apple, Burberry, and Google, so I made a workshop to help you do the same. Follow my entire process in a simple-to-understand video workshop. From pitching, preparing, editing, and delivery. The concepts presented are as old as storytelling, but I clarify them in a way that is engaging and relevant for the modern storyteller.

ENROLL in the workshop

resources for photographers

Watch the Trailer

Finn Beales and Alex Strohl

Play Video

Learn how to

Pitch, prepare, edit, and deliver

Create & capture an impactful narrative

Produce a real comissioned shoot
Identify key shot types and techniques

Create work that stands out

Find, scout, and shoot in unique locations
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Sam marshall @__sammarshall__

This photo storytelling workshop was absolutely invaluable for me! Finn’s methodical approach to photography along with his amazing teaching skills sure make him stand out. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge and experience. I’m even more inspired to get out there and create my own images now. Best wishes, Sam

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