the storytelling Photography workshop
with Finn BEales & Alex Strohl


Learn how to craft a professional shoot from start to finish. From building a story into your creative, shoot preparation, pricing your work, the gear I use, working with mood-boards and call sheets, directing models, right through to post production, editing and file delivery.

6hrs of HD content, including 9 in the field episodes, 6 interview episodes and 6 editing episodes.

Customer Reviews

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Great - even for experienced photographers

Pat Kay on Jan 03, 2019

Even as an experienced photographer, there's always something to learn from the process of other experienced photographers - things you don't do quite as well as you thought, streamlined processes that are better than yours, a perspective or voice that articulates your own message in a more deliberate, succinct way.

For me and my work, Finn's approach to storytelling fills gaps I didn't quite know I had. Even though I already consider myself a decent storyteller, Finn's approach is one that we can all learn from.

In addition, the level of polish and professionalism by both Finn and Alex during the workshop shows a level of care you just don't get with many other workshops. Even without the great workshop content, the presentation in itself is a delight to consume.

Highly recommended.


Jake Forsythe on Nov 01, 2018

I left an earlier review when I was just less than halfway through the material, but upon finishing the workshop I felt the need to reinforce my previous remarks. To me, this workshop goes above and beyond anything else on the web for adventure photographers. It is a truly honest and transparent piece of teaching that will help photographers of all levels. Alex and Finn have really put a lot of effort and thought into this workshop in order to ensure everyone comes out the other side having learnt something new they can apply. I also completed the Adventure Photography workshop earlier this year and thought they these two packages compliment each other quite well. Finn really dives into the 'why' he does what he does, and how to do it yourself. For example, one of my favourite parts was Module 2 where Finn explains his creative process leading up to a client shoot. I found this to be incredibly insightful and immediately put some of these ideas to use. The same can be said for the rest of the workshop. Overall, it is an incredibly helpful and informative collection of information that everyone in the photography world should consider.

Real World Examples to Take to Your Photography Further

Leslie Kehmeier on Dec 30, 2018

Finn leads us through the entire framework of a project, giving any photographer the opportunity to use the approach themselves. From the initial contact with the client to delivering the final images, tangible examples and useful tips about techniques and gear are shared. Beyond that, Finn’s emphasis on storytelling is invaluable and a key thread throughout the workshop. It has really inspired me to take a step back, review my own processes, and create a new vision for my work in a way I might not have otherwise imagined.

AMAZING workshop!

Johan Ravilo on Feb 03, 2019

This is an incredible workshop with invaluable information and insight into photography and the creative process. Currently watching it for for the 3rd time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It really has changed the way I approach photography. I recommend this workshop to anyone interested in photography, no matter the level of experience. Great work guys!

Greatest Thing To Happen To My Photography

Rachael Mooney on Jan 02, 2019

If you're wondering if you should really buy this workshop, I 100% suggest that you do. I've been studying photography for about seven years now, and no lesson has ever impacted me the way that this workshop did. Not only did I benefit greatly from the photoshop tips and tricks, but I benefitted even more from the viewpoint that Finn offered on how important storytelling is. I'm currently in college studying Advertising and Photography, and this workshop offered a perfect mix of skills from both fields. I'm also the student photographer for my university's office of communications. Luckily, I have a super cool boss (shout out to Bernadine) who allowed me to watch the workshop during my shift. I watched the whole workshop over the span of two work days... and then watched it again about a week later. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to shoot a 50 and stitch since I'm a broke college kid using a 10 year-old camera with no prime lenses. BUT I'm working really hard to save up for a new camera and I am SO excited to try it out then! 
To Alex and Finn – thank you so much for making this workshop. I cannot express to you how much it has helped me on my photo journey. You are both truly amazing and I hope one day I can have the privilege of even assisting you on a shoot. Frankly, I would be your coffee fetcher if it meant I had the chance to see you work your magic.
Thanks a million,
Rachael Mooney

Meaningful Photographs

Zach Jiroun on Jan 06, 2019

Finn's approach to storytelling was eye opening. It was refreshing and inspiring to see how Finn uses story telling elements to stand out from the rest of the pack and create meaningful and timeless work that goes beyond Instagram trends. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to set the scene and how to incorporate a client's history into my deliverables. I'd recommended this workshop to anyone who is looking to put more meaning behind their photographs.

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