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The New Black Gold


Behind the Scenes

The Cider Makers

Tom and Lydia press apples on the Pound Farm tractor-powered cider press. Towed back from France by a chap in the village, this Wallace and Grommit contraption is powered by one rotating PTO shaft and four people working in unison - washing, sorting, crushing and pressing. In days past, the machine would have been towed to the myriad of small farm orchards spread across the county.

Layla Robinson

Layla creates sculptures from birch, bracken and flowers all year round, but in early December she has her foot to the floor fulfilling orders for Christmas wreaths. I followed Layla for a day as she foraged for materials before returning home to work.

Lockdown Loaf

Like many others, we jumped on the breadmaking bandwagon over lockdown. I'm addicted to all things sourdough, but Clare has been baking some amazing yeasted loaves. A super-seeded one from Anna Jones has become a firm favourite. So much so, I made a wee film of my girls baking it.

Filmed at home in the first lockdown of 2020

72 hours in Wales

Brand film for Land Rover's Discovery Sport. Shot in Wales.

The Chocolate Cannon, 2016

Coffee Morning

A friend suggested we get one of those instant boil taps for our new place, but I love the slow rituals surrounding coffee and tea. Those moments in between everything else in the day are to be treasured—it’s all about the pause - so I made a quick film about my coffee routine.

Room with a View


Brexit, Covid-19 and trade negotiations: what can sheep tell us?

Financial Times

Nissan Energy Solar

One minute from California