72 hrs in Montana

Yurt Skiing in the Swan Mountain Range

Prepping for a night in the mountains. Avalanche beacons top the list of essential items.


Deep snow proving problematic for the Skidoo's.


Winding our way up the mountain. Soon realised we should have purchased a tarp to cover our gear!

Home for the night at 7000ft. Temperature -26 C.
Sounds dampened by a heavy blanket of snow. Feels good to be in before nightfall.

Burning damp wood under the faint glow from a tempermental gas lamp.
No signal in the back country... yet we still periodically check our phones for connection... old habits die hard.

Back country skiing... slopes deserted. 25 million acres of wilderness to explore.


Back on the valley floor and a hurried fire to warm cold hands.


FACT: Snow shoes are slower and far harder work than skiing.


Isaac showing us how it's done.


Hungry Horse Reservoir. I love the place names in Montana.

Windshield views

Back to the cabin in the hills above Whitefish

Memories made in Montana.